The artistic endeavors of stamped concrete are slowly becoming a fan favorite for the people of the United States, and other developed countries. It not only looks good, but it can last for years and years to come Concrete Stain is usually an acid which reacts with the cured concrete which gives you a delightful combination of vivid patterns and colors. There are two types available namely water and acid, and each one of them has its pros and cons.

Water based Concrete Stains

Easy to apply and ecofriendly, these stained concrete floors have been gaining popularity steadily due to the fact that they are affordable, and they don’t harm the environment as well. They release their pigment particles after they penetrate the pores in the concrete. Contrary to popular beliefs there is next to no chemical reaction and this is the reason these paints are termed as being safe, and easy to apply. The ease with which the concrete reacts is a marvel and the result is astounding to say the very least.

Acid Based Concrete Stains:

Acid Based stains contain phosphoric acid, which react by opening the concrete pores. The difference however is the fact that they contain metallic salts which induce a chemical reaction. This chemical reaction induces a pattern which includes many different colors. The variety of different colors at display are a joy to behold, however it takes a long amount of time to settle, which can be a real test of patience for the home owners.

Concrete stains appeal to those who have a creative outlook to life. They look incredible and can have a profound impact on the beauty of your household. If you reside in Houston contact Stamped Artistry, as they have a number of years of experience with such endeavors, and are known to do a pretty good job when it comes to concrete stains.